OR-EL Organska Elektronika doo has developed and patented an innovative 
Point of Care (PoC) platform for the detection of analytes in liquid matrices. 
It has been successfully demonstrated in human (flavi virus detection), veterinary (African swine fever) and food (bacteria, toxins) fields of application

The POCOREL platform adopts Organic LED (OLED) for fluorescence excitation; 
it is currently available as advanced prototype (TRL = 7 / 8). 
The sample to be analysed is spotted on a low-cost plastic cartridge; the results are available in 10 to 30 minutes. 
The first product has been developed for the detection of toxins in Food.


The POCOREL diagnostic platform offers several advantages. Main features include:
  • multi-parametric
  • highly sensitive
  • quantative
  • low-cost
  • rapid 
making it a portable diagnostic tool.
A low-cost plastic slide is factory pre-spotted with different biological probes: antigens, antibodies or small oligonucleotides sequences.
All the needed reagents are factory pre-loaded into the same low-cost slide, including the waste reservoir.

POCOREL slide is environment friendly. The User just need to load the 
into the specifically provided reaction chamber and follow the procedure steps, which may include a short incubation using the specifically provided Incubator. 
Currently, the results are obtained using the POCOREL portable Reader using the associated laptop PC. 

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POCOREL portable reader


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